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Can My Lg Remote Control My Soundbar

Can My Lg Remote Control My Soundbar
Can My Lg Remote Control My Soundbar

Can My Lg Remote Control My Soundbar. Now, click the “lg tv” button on the remote of your soundbar. Press and hold mute on the remote control for about 3 seconds.

Can My Lg Remote Control My SoundbarCan My Lg Remote Control My Soundbar
New AKB74935611 remote control for LG Soundbar Sound Bar system Sj6 Sj8 from www.walmart.com

I have lg magic remote that came with my new lg tv model: Now you can use your tv remote to adjust volume and mute the soundbar. 32676 31953 31293 11993 note:

Press And Hold Mute On The Remote Control For About 3 Seconds.

(the sound bar will now go into pairing mode). I'm having the same issue. I just purchased the new oled65cx tv and am dealing with the same issue with my sonos soundbar.

It Will Show Up On The Screen With The Name Of The Sound Bar.

However, i recently changed a setting which caused the magic. Utilize the hdmi (arc) connection on the soundbar (if equipped). You can connect your soundbar to your lg tv through sound sync via bluetooth, a digital optical connection, or an hdmi arc connection.

Disconnect The Bt Mode On The Supplied Remote.

In the menu select “manage equipment” and then “add equipment”. Select “sound,” then “sound out.”. Click next on “device selection.”.

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The Soundbar Should Also Turn On And Off With The Tv.

Point your cab or sat remote at the tv/soundbar. The up volume button on the remote would lower the soundbar haha. Now press and hold the “setup” button.

Press And Hold The “Aux” Button On The Remote Until The Remote’s Light Turns On.

Change “tv speakers” to “lg sound sync wireless.”. Once you go through the device connector setup (found in network settings), you should be able to control the sound bar volume with the magic remote via ir. So an led remote can control the volume, but not a roku remote.

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