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How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017

How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017
How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017

How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017. In order to change your hyundai car key battery, you will need to take the old battery out of the slot. If this process doesn’t work, make sure you’ve installed the battery correctly.

How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017How To Replace Battery In Hyundai Key Fob 2017
advanceddesigntechniques 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Key Fob Battery Replacement from advanceddesigntechniques.blogspot.com

Insert the key in the slot, then use start to turn the ignition and start the car. Now the fob should open. Your new battery has a “+” sign, and you’ll need to make sure the plus signs on it match with those of your key.

Press And Hold The Metal Tab Or Button.

Begin by removing the metal key by pressing and holding the metal tab or button. If you drive a newer hyundai model, you will open your key fob differently. In the slot that is now visible down the side, use the smart key end or a screwdriver to pry open the cover.

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Using Your Key, Turn Your Hyundai To The “Acc” (Accessory) Position On Your Ignition.

Your hyundai key fob should now be programmed, and you should be good to go. Hold both the “unlock” and “open” boxes on your hyundai key fob. Here are the guiding steps:

Insert The Hyundai Key Fob Battery Replacement, Ensuring As You Do.

The case should pop right open. Slide in the key fob inside the opening with the side with the key holder out. These instructions should help you replace the key fob (keyless) remote battery on.

For Older Fob Models, Use A Coin Or A Flat Blade Screwdriver To Pop Open The Key Fob From The Small Notch Or Indent Along The Outside.

Remove the old battery by sliding it out of the circuit board. Carefully lift the circuit board to expose the battery. Stick the key to your hyundai into the vehicle’s ignition cylinder.

How To Change A Weak Or Dead Battery In The Key Fob Remote Control For A 6Th Generation 2017, 2018, 2019 And 2020 Hyundai Elantra.

Use a coin or a flat blade screwdriver to pop open the key fob from the small notch or indent along the outside. Next, use the metal key to open the back cover on your key fob by inserting it into the small opening and turning it in either direction. Key fobs vary, if you do not have a slot running.

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